Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) published a circular about taking strict action against all those school partners who are involved in anti dangue violations. As government is specifically conscious about about dangue & education department has given several activities to be done on daily basis.

Unfortunately some school partners are continuously ignoring instructions on anti-dangue activities. Already PEF management has warned them many times but they aren’t taking it serious. Finally, PEF decided to hold payments of all such a school partners for the month of August 2022 & put heavy fine.

PEF Notification regarding action against schools violating anti-dangue activities

PEF also announced that school management of such a partners will be called in head office in Lahore & they will be treated strictly on this issue. On the other hand some school partners are involved in fake anti-dangue activities. Punjab Education Foundation requested to School Education Department to take action against them & PEF issued notices to such a schools.

In the of official circular, focal person of Punjab Education Foundation dangue activities has warned to all PEF partner schools to take all the notices & announcements serious & to do activities according to instructions daily before 11 AM including traditional hollidays i.e. Sunday etc.

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